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Unlock true decentralized finance

Veax is an advanced single-sided liquidity DEX built on NEAR Protocol. Bringing together the best features of TradeFi and DeFi for an unparalleled trading experience.
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Veax Becomes 2nd Largest DEX On NEAR

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A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where virtual asset traders can carry out transactions.
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We have built Veax to significantly upgrade the power of decentralized cryptocurrency trading by re-thinking proven, successful TradFi concepts and bringing them to DeFi for the first time.
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Harnessing the robustness of Near blockchain, we have created an extensive suite of tradfi functionalities on an innovative DEX architecture poised to change the world of DeFi
Hybrid AMM DEX
Adaptable liquidity pools
True Margin & Derivatives
Orderbook UX
Adv. liquidity management dashboard
Smart contract (SC) OTC trades
SC auctions for illiquid tokens
Much more
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best swap prices

Adaptable exchange pools with smart routing, concentrated liquidity and dynamic fee levels guarantee the best swap price for traders.
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Liquidity providers earn more

Greater capital efficiency with fully automated liquidity management generates higher interest rates while handling investment risks.
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Current Problems
with DEXs

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where virtual asset traders can carry out transactions.
// Layer 01


The Veax user interface provides a simple, effective trading experience with all the advanced features you could wish for in a DEX
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// Layer 02

smart contract layer

The smart contract layer on top enables all transactions on the blockchain and is constructed to facilitate trading functionality and governing principles of the DEX.Veax’s smart contract architecture is the first true working merge of the architecture concept made famous by Uniswap and the one made famous by Curve, making Veax a unique DEX that offers its users something never seen before in DeFi.
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// Layer 03

near blockchain

At the base layer of a DEX is a blockchain. We chose Near as our blockchain due to its market leading technology; a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain that is simple to use, secure and scalable. We believe Near will grow significantly in the future and take its place as one of the top blockchains in terms of TVL, users, projects and awareness.
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// Layer 04

The ecosystem

Liquidity providers and traders engage on the platform to create a fully efficient trading environment.
// Problem 1

Providing Liquidity is too complex

  • Putting assets to work and providing liquidity is too complex.
  • Pure AMMs reward to TVL ratio is too low.
  • Liquidity provision on concentrated liquidity requires constant maintenance from trader.
// Solution 1

Liquidity Management Dashboard

  • Veax enables users to provide their liquidity across pools maximizing return.
  • Automatic adjustment of liquidity reduces complexity for passive investor.
  • Liquidity farming options allow single token liquidity to be optimized.
  • Injectable heuristics allow the community to provide algorithms and take a share of the fees.
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// Problem 2

Price Discovery is too complex

  • Traders are used to CEX style Orderbook views, DEX don’t support this.
  • Concentrated liquidity tuning makes price formation more complex, particularly in volatile or low liquidity tokens.
// Solution 2

Orderbook UX

  • l the liquidity available in an orderbook-stye UX.
  • This display allow users to see all the liquidity in a very familiar fashion reducing barriers to adoption.
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// Problem 3

No defi derivatives market with true margin trading

  • Defi needs Perps, Futures and Options on chain.
  • Derivatives trading is cheaper on CEX than DEX due to lack of margin offset.
  • No viable project for on chain cross margin with portfolio risk.
// Solution 3

Bringing TRUE Margin Trading to DeFi

  • We are bringing a suite of margin and prime brokerage tools to DeFi.
  • True margin trading means correlated positions offset risk and utilize significantly less margin. (Portfolio risk).
  • Initially we will create a lending market that will support on-chain leveraged trades to support perp trading on Near.
  • We will then create a prime brokerage system to allow sponsorship and greater leverage and full on-chain derivatives trading.
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// Problem 4

Incentive models to encourage liquidity provision poorly developed

  • Orderbook DEXs offer no rewards or poor sustainability of rewards.
  • Many AMMs don’t have tooling and offering to develop low liquidity projects.
// Solution 4

AMM working with projects

  • Veax is an AMM not an orderbook DEX so offers incentive models whilst we will display liquidity in an orderbook model for familiarity.
  • Our adaptable liquidity pools will allow projects to add additional incentives alongside ours for liquidity provision to the projects AMM via our tooling to encourage liquidity providers.
  • Auction tools allow projects to reduce market making costs by not providing a 24/7 market.
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Veax is built
like no other


_01 Advanced Liquidity Management

Veax is a decentralized exchange on the Near blockchain featuring a slate of advanced liquidity management functions such as single-sided liquidity between 16 tokens in one pool, liquidity farming, automated arbitrage, adaptable liquidity pools and more. The Dashboard gives comprehensive control to both traders and LPs, in an easy-to-use UX.

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_02 Unique 

Our architecture is a composite of all the main successful DEX patterns available, including Uniswap v2, v3 & Curve. Without the issues of fragmented liquidity. Veax also has a smart upgrade path, which means we can release features on facade layers without forcing LPs to move to the next version (as is an issue with the current DEX architecture made famous by Uniswap).

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_03 Capital


Veax is able to significantly increase the fees LPs earn from adding liquidity to Veax pools vs for example Uniswap V3. Due to this, we believe we will be able to not just become the no#1 DEX on Near, but also attract significant liquidity from other chains to Near. In short, our protocol design makes sure that LPs' capital is being put to work as often as possible in a much smarter way than any other DEX in the market.

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_04 Backed By 
Ecosystem Investors

Seed token sale round closed at USD 1,200,000. Early backers include Circle Ventures (lead), Proximity Labs & Qredo.

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We offer genuine value added features built by us not copied from elsewhere.

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